Je fais un don "Coup de coeur"

Je fais un don "Coup de coeur"
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mardi 20 décembre 2011

Action Dolpo

To the north of Bodhgaya, 
the site of enlightenment
And the south-west of Samye, the first monastery With an unbroken continuance of Kailash rangeLies this sacred pilgrimage of Rivo-BudhaIn the center of Dolpo, the hidden landThe faces of the rocky cliffs resembling Mandala offeringThe rivers and rivulets like offerings of holy waterAbove the confluence of three rivers liesThe sacred site of fulfilling one’s every wishesOn top of mountains in the shape of heartsLies the Rivo-Bumpa in the middleOn its right, the Pemma-BumpaAnd Guru-Bumpa to the left

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